Formula Milk Shortage: Bette Midler Criticized for Suggesting Breastfeeding as an Alternative

Actress Bette Midle has come in the firing line of women rights activists and young mothers for suggesting that breastfeeding is an alternative for baby formula. Midler, 76, stated in a tweet that breastfeeding is free and is available on demand.

She made the statement in the wake of the ongoing shortage of formula milk in U.S. which did not go down well with the social media followers.

A large faction of followers on social media have called her, "insensitive", "biased", "dumb", "stupid", "obtuse" and "ignorant".

Bette Midler

Three Companies Control the Supply of Baby Formula

Interestingly, Midler's statement has ruffled the feathers of democrats and republicans who have taken to social media platforms criticizing each other's policies. The supporters of former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are at loggerheads with each other.

Trump supporters have raised the question over the "monopoly" of three companies controlling the supply of 90 percent of baby formula.

In retaliation, Biden fans have lambasted Trump and his supporters stating that this monopoly over baby formula supply did not take place "overnight" adding that it has been there for years. Thus, it would be unfair to blame Biden and his government for the crises.

The Biden detractors also accused Midler of "supporting" Biden adding that she should back women instead of acting as President's shield.

As per the report published by the Daily Mail, the shutdown of the plant in Michigan, America's largest producer of baby formula, has escalated the ongoing shortage caused by pandemic. The contamination in baby formula forced the closure of the production unit which was denied by the plant authorities.

A twitter user, while replying to @therealnod @justinboldaji and @BetteMidler, wrote: "Have you ever attended a nursing consultation? Have you ever attended a class on nursing? Have you ever even read a single book on nursing? Do you even have children? The answer to those questions is all no. You are FACTUALLY out of your element."

"The craziest thing about this week is discovering that I, a childless homosexual male with extremely limited exposure to such things, know more about breastfeeding than most men and also Bette Midler," shared another twitter user.

Another user replying to @BetteMidler stated, "Not for everyone, and particularly hard for working mothers. Not every woman works in a progressive environment. There can be latching issues. Nipple infection issues. No milk production issues. Disappointed in this tweet,@BetteMidler."