Former X Factor star Rylan Clark claims aliens live in underground tunnels, caves in London

Rylan Clark made a startling claim stating that aliens and extra-terrestrial beings are living in underground tunnels and caves in London.


Rylan Clark, the popular 'This Morning' presenter has claimed that aliens are living in underground bunkers, tunnels, and caves in London. Clark made these remarks on Friday's episode of the ITV brunchtime programme.

London: A secret alien base?

According to Clark, London has lots of underground tunnels, and the government is using these spaces to hide aliens and extra-terrestrial objects right under our feet. The remarks from Rylan Clark came just hours after former England cricket captain Andrew Flintoff said that the Earth is flat. The comments made by Clark indicate that even celebrities are now closely following conspiracy theories, and some of them are getting obsessed with it.

During the show, hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford started talking about the influence of conspiracy theories among the general public. When Eamonn Holmes admitted that he used to think about conspiracy theories surrounding the murder of John F Kennedy, Rylan interpreted and stated that he has some wild doubts regarding the underground tunnels in the city of London.

"I know things about London. I know it sounds stupid but London is built "on" London", said Rylan Clark, reports Metro UK.

Something really shocking happening under our feet?

According to Rylan Clark, there are many types of stuff going on right underneath our feet, and many people are not aware of this. The 29-year-old television personality added that if the government find a spaceship or a little man from Mars, they will not hide it in a field in Dorset.

"I think, where is the last place you'd look for something? In the middle of central London! You just wouldn't expect it. And I have it on good authority that the BT Tower goes like 30 levels underground", said Clark, reports Metro.

Following the comments made by Clark, many Twitter users supported his claims and added that the government authorities are covering up many things from the general public. Some of them compared Clark's thoughts with the happenings featured in the movie 'War of the Worlds'.

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