Former Starbucks Barista Shares Lesser-Known Tips; Reveals Employees Secret Way to Treat Rude Customers

A former Starbucks barista has shared some lesser-known tips of the chain that he learned while working as a part-timer for several years. The ex-employee, named Shabaz Ali, also revealed the secret way employees take revenge on rude customers. The barista from Blackburn in Lancashire in North West England came up with several claims, which he believes are the best-kept secrets of the chain.

Among the multiple claims made by the employee of Starbucks, serving decaf coffees to rude customers and making Frappuccinos using coffee syrups instead of real coffee are some of the things he learned while working behind the counter as a part-timer. The former barista, 28, also shared some tips for getting free goodies from the world-famous coffee brand.

Shabaz joined Starbucks as a barista in 2014, and the former employee said he enjoyed his time with the chain. The ex-barista is currently working as a teacher and revealed that he is still a fan of the world-famous coffee. He shared his experience with Starbucks through a TikTok video, which garnered the attention of over 550,000 users.

The fascinating video that contained the insider knowledge of the barista also garnered more than 51,000 likes.

Starbuck Coffee Potter Building New York Pixabay/Christian Hardi

Starbucks Secrets:

Here are some secrets the ex-barista shared about the coffee brand, like purposely writing the customers' names wrong in the coffee cup for free publicity and making technical errors as an excuse on busy days.

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Tips for Free Goodies from Starbucks

Shabaz then shared some tips to avail free goodies from the shop, including beverages and baked items. He said the customers could get free drinks on their birthdays. They could also get free goodies if they visit Starbucks before closing time. He also said the customers should ask for an employee's suggestions for the best foods because the staff tries out most of the items when they come out.

"Drip/filter coffee can be refilled for free if you sit in. If you hate your drink, ask for another one, as the barista will always change this for you. If you ask for a medium drink, but want it in a large cup, chances are the barista will fill the cup for you because they always make a bit extra – so you get a large drink for free", he added.

Some Starbucks fans were shocked to know the secret about decaf, and several others said the claims about deliberately misspelling the names are true.