Former Silverchair Lead Singer Daniel Johns Cites 'Bad Mental Health' to Escape Jail Term After Drink-Driving Crash

Having been found guilty of drink-driving case, former Silverchair lead singer Daniel Johns is likely to get imprisonment. Johns had crashed his car near Newcastle last month. On being tested, it was found that his blood contained three times the permissible limit of alcohol.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the singer and the guitarist had even taken to Facebook wherein he stated that he had been diagnosed with reactive arthritis, anxiety and anorexia and alleged his colleagues for supporting him. Johns also confessed to have taken to alcohol as self-medication for his problems.

Danial Johns, formed Silverchair lead singer

Cause of the Accident Was Mental Condition, Not Alcohol

The 42-year-old singer had stated that it accident was the result of his "lost mental condition" on road which he termed as an outcome of his prolonged mental health issues.

The singer failed to appear in the court on Monday as he is undergoing three-month rehabilitation program. This has further added fuel to the fire as John's critics have stated that appearing for the court hearings can be managed during the rehab programs adding that there were hundreds of inmates in various rehabs who attend their court dates in various cases.

Johns will be sentenced on June 22.

However, there has been a mixed reaction to his revelation on social media as many people sympathize with him whereas there are others who feel that he is just playing an emotional card so as to evade imprisonment.

The singer's fans have given him a clean chit stating that it was just another accident and that his mental state should be taken into consideration by the magistrate.

A Twitter user while sharing his views stated, "Oh God this is so awful. Such a talent. I hope he doesn't have to serve time."

Another user expressed, "Silverchair singer Daniel Johns could face jail term after pleading guilty to drink driving, court hears: Police say Johns recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.157 after crash between his SUV and a van in the NSW Hunter region in March * Get our free..."