Former senate candidate Augustus Invictus arrested over kidnapping, domestic violence

Augustus Invictus, 2016 senate candidate from Florida and participant at deadly racist rally at Charlottesville, was arrested on Monday on charges of kidnapping, domestic violence

The 2016 Florida senate contestant and white nationalist Augustus Sol Invictus, was arrested on Monday, on charges of kidnapping, "high and aggravated" domestic violence and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence. He ran for Florida senate seat in 2016 and went on to headline the deadly 'Unite the Right' Charlottesville rally in 2017.

Who is Augustus Sol Invictus?

Augustus Sol Invictus
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During his 2016 senate campaign, he grabbed eyeballs by claiming that he killed a goat and drank its blood, as part of a pagan ritual. He has not shied away from his close affiliation with white nationalists. His stint with Libertarian party made the party's chairman Adrian Wyllie, to resign in 2015, over Invictus's candidacy. Wyllie described him as fascist who wants to start a second Civil War. He later left Libertarian and joined the Republican party.

Invictus was praised by Richard Spencer

In 2017, he was praised and credited by white nationalist leader Richard Spencer for writing the first draft of the Charlottesville statement. The core opinion flagged in the statement was: "Jews are an ethnoreligious people distinct from Europeans", "Whites alone defined America as a European society and political order", "the so-called 'refugee crisis' is an invasion, a war without bullets, taking place on the fields of race, religion, sex and morality. At stake is Europe's very identity", "we oppose feminism, deviancy, the futile denial of biological reality, and everything destructive to healthy relations between men and women" and "Leftism is an ideology of death and must be confronted and defeated".

An Orlando-based attorney, he now runs 'The Revolutionary Conservative', a website, that describes itself as an alternative to Breitbart and Fox News while promoting a violent uprising.

Arrested over kidnapping, domestic violence

Augustus Invictus

On Monday, Invictus was arrested at a mall in Melbourne, Florida on a warrant out of the Rockhill Police Department in South Carolina. He was arrested on charges of kidnapping, "high and aggravated" domestic violence and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, Miami Herald reported. His next court appearance is scheduled on January 15.