Former RAF officer recalls mindblowing UFO encounter in 1985

A screen grab from YouTube video

A former Royal Air Force (UK) officer who served the force from 1941 to 1946 has opened up about some UFO encounter he had in 1985. The man who wished to be unnamed, revealed that he had witnessed a triangular UFO hovering over Borehamwood in Britain. The man had also served in the Ministry of Defense from 1949 to 1977.

The man says that he does not have any explanation for this sighting despite tracking the skies professionally for the past three decades.

"I rather doubt that I am easily deceived by aerial phenomena. My distinct impression is that I perceived an event for which no ready explanation is possible in wholly conventional terms. Astronomical phenomena are, I think, ruled out by the extensive cloud cover as well as by the very regular, triangular formation of the three lights seen," said the former RAF officer, reports.

He even ruled out the possibility of this vehicle being an aircraft, as there is no known aircraft in the world with such a shape. Soon after the sighting, he reported the incident to the Ministry of Defense. According to the report, he saw an array of triangular lights heading southwest while he was in his friend's garden. He told the MOD that the UFO produced no sound, and it hovered above the cloud for more than three minutes.

This is not the first time that the report of a triangular UFO is surfacing online. Recently, a similar phenomenon was reported in Switzerland where a young woman saw a triangular UFO from her kitchen during the wee hours of the night.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that 2018 will turn out to be the year of disclosure. They claim that governments and space agencies including NASA will reveal the existence of extra-terrestrials this year.

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