Former MONSTA X member Won Ho cleared of charges of smoking marijuana

#WonhoIsAlmostHome trending on Twitter

South Korean pop star Lee Ho-Seok professionally known as Wonho has been released with all charges of smoking marijuana in 2013.

Wonho, was a Korean MONSTA X band member who was accused for smoking marijuana in 2013 that is illegal in the country. An individual whose name was not revealed claimed to see Wonho smoking marijuana. Seoul Police in October 2019 started investigation based on the claim where Wonho had to quit the band due to the same reason.

Won Ho cleared of charges

Starship Entertainment in a statement said that Seoul Metropolitan Police ended their drug investigation on March 10. It cleared him of all the charges of drugs including marijuana. "Wonho was very compliant and actively cooperated with all investigation procedures including scientific testing done by the investigating agency," it said.

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There was a detailed investigation that went on for five months but no evidence was found to charge him. Wonho thanked his fans for showing dedicated support throughout the investigation.

His fans are celebrating the news while #WonhoIsAlmostHome is trending on Twitter. One Twitter user wrote, "people who turned their back on wonho must be sad. we have him back after people bashing him to the ground without knowing the WHOLE truth. must be sad for them, making a # #atleastwehaveH i felt ashamed of them trying to have a fanwar, now he is innocent."

Here is how his fans are reacting on Twitter

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