Luhan has responded to reports that he has a girlfriend and a child Instagram/7_luhan_m

Chinese singer and actor Luhan has responded to rumors that he has a girlfriend and a child. Chinese reporter Zhao Wei, who is dubbed China's best paparazzi, claimed that the former EXO member is in a relationship and has a child.

On April 14, Wei spoke with netizens via Weibo, and many asked him if Luhan is dating. In response, Wei mentioned Luhan and revealed: "We don't give up. Insiders say that Luhan has a girlfriend and a child."

Luhan's fans went into a meltdown and bombarded The Great Wall actor over the reports.

Following that, during an interview, Luhan responded to Wei's claims and said: "A certain someone talking nonsense. I'll admit that you're China's #1. You're China's #1. I'll admit this. You all should know who I'm talking about. I'm impressed. Super impressed."

"At first I was really angry. I want to you know... find them... but there's nothing I can do. What else can they do? Right? I could only gift them my latest song, right?" he stated. He also quoted from his new song Roleplay, "'You're crazy boy'. If you keep talking nonsense, 'I'll lock your mouth.'"