Former Champion set to return, big blow for Vince McMahon

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A picture of Vince McMahon.WWE Website
A picture of Vince McMahon. WWE Website

Multiple time champion and WWE Legend Road Dogg, who had left the company, after a tiff with Vince McMahon, is reportedly all set to make a return to the fold. Apparently, he fell out with McMahon after his creative plans could never see the light of the day. He currently is part of the WWE creative team and is also the head of the creative team for SmackDown Live.

There were several reports that Road Dogg Jesse James could well have walked out for good, but then reports surfaced that it could well be a long vacation and the recent developments only solidify the theories. It should be mentioned here that James was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2019 as part of Degeneration-X. The week did not quite end well for him as he had to quit WWE just a few days later.

Too much pressure being imposed

"Road Dogg has made the decision to step down as creative head of SmackDown Live. The report went on to state that various sources cited frustrations with booking the product alongside Vince McMahon and that this week's SmackDown Live in Brooklyn, New York was where he reached "breaking point," a reported in WON stated.

As per a report in the Observer, Road Dogg was absent for a few days as he was not very happy with the amount of pressure which was heaped on him from multiple quarters but is now planning a return and he could well resume his work under Triple H when he does return.

What this clearly shows that multiple creative writers are not too happy with McMahon at the helm as they believe their creative freedom keeps getting clipped and hence, would rather prefer working under Triple H.

Triple H
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His return to the fold is a welcome development but now WWE needs to take a call and ensure that the discontent brewing within the company is taken care of and the writers are given enough freedom and their suggestions are taken into account and not brushed under the carpet.

"It's such a toxic atmosphere and it's all because of one person," one writer said in one of the interviews.

The fan wrote, "@VinceMcMahon maybe the problem with the Raw and SmackDown ratings isn't due to wrestlers injured, it's that you put confusing and pointless storylines. Although it wouldn't hurt if you gave your wrestlers insurance. Just a thought @StephMcMahon @TripleH @WWE."

This article was first published on May 19, 2019