Former BTOB Member Ilhoon Admits to Illegal Purchase and Use of Marijuana

Former BTOB member Jung Ilhoon, along with seven others, has admitted to purchasing and using the illegal substance marijuana between 2016 and 2019.

Former BTOB member Jung Ilhoon attended his first hearing at the Seoul Central District Court on April 22 and admitted to purchasing and using marijuana. The former singer has pleaded guilty as use of this drug is illegal in South Korea.

Ilhoon is charged with purchasing $117,000 worth marijuana through an illegal distributor. The singer is said to have received approximately 826 grams of the illegal substance [in 161 instances] between July 2016 and January 2019. He has been indicted along with seven others.

Jung Ilhoon
Former BTOB member Jung Ilhoon has admitted to purchase and use of marijuana. Instagram

After the court hearing, Ilhoon's legal representative spoke to media and said that the singer has pleaded guilty. "The defendant pleads guilty to all charges, and he is reflecting deeply on his actions." Ilhoon is also said to have apologized for his behaviour. "I am truly sorry. I am reflecting deeply on my mistakes," singer told the court.

Proof of Ilhoon's Illegal Substance Purchase

Not only Ilhoon but the seven defendants too pleaded guilty for abetting the offense. Ilhoon is currently serving his compulsory military term as a public service worker. The scandal had cost Ilhoon his career. The singer had to quit BTOB on December 31, 2020.

Ilhoon was indicted for violating Narcotics Control Act in December 2020 after police confirmed about the same through testimonies from his accomplices. His bank account details also provided sufficient proof of illegal purchase. The singer is said to have involved in illegal purchase of the substance multiple times between 2016 and 2019.

Reports also stated that drug components were detected through a hair follicle test. Additionally, cops had found out that the singer was using cryptocurrency instead of cash to buy marijuana.

On hearing the news in December 2020, Cube Entertainment stated that Ilhoon will cooperate with the investigation. Ilhoon was supposed to enlist for military in March 2020 but it was delayed for two months and he joined the military service in May.

Reports started claiming that the singer's enlistment date was postponed due to his involvement in illegal marijuana purchase case. Cube Entertainment had issued a statement to refute this claim. "We had no knowledge that Ilhoon had been caught using marijuana. Although his enlistment had been set for March, it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic," stated the agency.

The second court hearing of the case has been scheduled for May 20 at 2 PM KST.