Former baseball player Alex Feinberg shares his inspiration for taking up baseball as a career

Alex Feinberg

Former baseball player and a strong advocate of health and wellness Alex Feinberg shares his inspiration for playing baseball and turning it into a fitness oriented passion.

In a recent interview Feinberg shared, "When I was a child, I thought adults either had normal jobs or were entrepreneurs. There was no middle ground"

"I was inspired to compete in baseball as I saw it as a ticket out of normalcy. It was fitness combined with fame, passion, money and you need to be mentally fit along with physical fitness. I was sure I wanted to opt for this."

As soon as Alex stepped into the field he realized he had to overcome many hurdles and he did so without any hesitation and made his name a class apart on the field becoming a strong player.

After claiming a high name in the field, Feinberg became a Google employee and today is a leading name in the tech and finance industry and a successful entrepreneur. Today a lot of the youth look up to him as most of his lessons were learned on the field and when those lessons were put in action they resulted in nothing but success.