Former "American Idol" star Antonella Barba faces 10 years prison term for drug trafficking

The 32-year-old musician, arrested in October last year for possessing with an aim of distributing about 2 pounds of fentanyl, pleaded guilty in July this year

'American Idol' contestant in 2007, Antonella Barba was arrested in Virginia in October last year. She possessed two pounds of fentanyl with an aim to distribute the same. The judgment in the federal drug trafficking case that attracts a prison term of 10 years is set to be pronounced today.

The Case

Antonella Barba

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid and is 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine. Prosecutors later accused her of being a part of an 8-member drug ring active in Hampton Roads, Virginia from late 2017 to early 2018. In July, this year, she pleaded guilty in the drug trafficking case and faces a 10-years prison term.

Her lawyers argue that she played a minor role in the whole case and pleads a lesser term. According to the court filings, she had "very little insight if any into the scope and the structure of this [drug] conspiracy". And that "prior to receiving the package, she did not know the type of substance or the quantity she was to deliver".

Her stint in 'American Idol'

She was one of the contestants in the 6th season of the 'American Idol' and reached the top 16. Just before the contestants for the top 12 were to be announced, a scandal erupted, when her nude pictures were leaked online.

She was evicted in the next episode. She has continued to work in the entertainment industry but hasn't been able to make it big. In 2012, she faced arrest for 'shop-lifting'. According to reports, she has an ongoing felony case involving marijuana in Kansas.

The show is responsible for her present state

The court filings on her behalf states that appearing on the show in 2007, eventually culminated in the drug case in 2018, Page Six reported. The 18-page documents claim that the show had a detrimental impact on her life and is responsible for her downward spiral. 'One of the common themes is that the American Idol experience brought about a detrimental change in Ms. Barba's life,' it reads.

According to the document, Barba's sudden move to Hollywood was a 'recipe for disaster' and when she couldn't achieve her intended goals, 'it was devastating to her'. She is reported to be suffering from bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. Barba appeared in one episode of Fear Factor seven years ago. She, along with many other former Idol stars, also participated in a "We Are the World" parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in May of last year.