Forget aliens, here's an alien fruit sporting a strawberry inside tomato

Reddit group suggests name 'Strawmato'

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A mysterious photo of an alien tomato with a strawberry inside is now going viral on the Internet. The freaky fruit is now being called 'Strawmato' by people, and experts believe that it is the result of a mutant cross breeding.

The weird photo of this 'Strawmato' was first posted on the Internet by Reddit user Croixbeans. After posting the image on the forum, Croixbeans simply titled it, "The inside of this tomato looks like a strawberry''.

Is it an alien fruit?

When asked about the nature of strawberry inside the tomato, Croixbeans spilled the alien fear by saying that the outer flesh of the strawberry was pretty soft and little slimy.

"The outer flesh of the strawberry was pretty soft and a little slimy. Just barely touching it smudged it pretty easily. I have never touched an alien, but if I had to make an educated guess, I would have to say that it did feel completely alien," posted Croixbeans on Reddit.

Strawmato (Youtube) Youtube

As Croixbeans commented on the alien nature of this fruit, many feared that they will die if they eat it. Many users also asked Croixbeans whether the fruit was given out to conduct some experiments to unravel the mystery of this weird 'Strawmato'.

Is this alien fruit a stuffing tomato?

However, one Reddit user has put forward an explanation which made some sense.

''It's a stuffing tomato, they are bred to be firmer than your typical slicing tomato so they don't disintegrate in the oven. The seeds are meant to pull away from the outside like that, so they can be easily removed," posted a user named Sporophyte.

Stuffing tomato is not uncommon, and it seems that Croixbeans have not seen such a fruit never before which created all the frenzy. Unlike normal tomatoes, the inner pulp used to appear solid in stuffing tomatoes, and sometimes, the inner part looks like a strawberry.