Ford making robocar to nab speeding drivers

Ford logo
The Ford booth displays the company logo at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

American car manufacturing giant Ford is reportedly developing an artificial intelligence-driven police car which will help to nab speeding motorists. This Robocop car will be specially designed to snare vehicles which are going at high speed, and it will be even capable of issuing penalty tickets to law-breaking drivers. A report published in states that Ford has already filed a patent for this automated car.

As per reports, Ford has designed this car in such a way that it can go out for patrolling without humans in it. This artificial intelligence police car will be equipped with cameras and other wireless communication devices. The vehicle can also be connected to a chain of other police vehicles so that the automated car can call for backup during emergency situations. In short, we can tell that this robocar will be a police car without a police in it.

The car will use enhanced artificial intelligence tools to ensure that penalty tickets are raised only for people who violate rules. "An autonomous police vehicle may enforce traffic laws by identifying violators, pulling over the offending vehicle, capturing an image of the license plate of the offending vehicle... determining whether to issue a warning or a ticket," wrote Ford in a patent for the design released, reports Daily Star.

Even though the company aims to revolutionize the implementation of laws on roads with this robocar, skeptics fear that this move will backfire, as machines do not have enough discrimination power to figure out which is right and which is wrong. According to skeptics, these cars may sometimes travel in skyrocketing speed, and during these times, there are chances that it may go out of control which will finally result in a law breach by the legal authorities themselves.

A section of other people believes that such a robocar will never become reality in the near future. These people claim that most of the patent applications like this will never move past the initial stage. However, the company's research and development team are reportedly continuing works on this vehicle and they aim to materialize this robocar soon. If the company succeeds in developing such a car, then it will totally change the face of law enforcement around the world.

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