Parents have many a time experienced that a baby falls asleep more easily in a car than in the calm environment of the home. Well, that's how it works. To speak scientifically, babies get soothed by the vibration and gentle hum of the engine, just like when someone takes them in the lap and swings them while singing a song. But of course, it's not possible to take the car out every time a baby needs to take a nap and that's where Ford comes into the picture. Ford designers in Spain has designed and developed a prototype of a baby crib that acts like a car.

Dubbed as the Max Motor Dreams, the crib provides babies an exact replica of their experience on the back seat of the car. The bassinet-sized device incorporates a speaker that creates the engine sounds. The base of the crib slowly moves from side to side to give the baby the sensation of a car. When it's Ford you can't expect them to miss the minute details. The car-crib also has LED lights lined on the rim, which turns off and on, creating an impression like passing under streetlights.

There's also an app that tracks your car's unique sounds and movements from your routes before sending them to the high-tech crib, making it more real.

However, this is not the first instance of a smart crib. Earlier we have seen Snoo smart sleeper that mimics the sounds of a mother's womb and also keeps a baby from rolling over into any dangerous position. It also has built-in microphones so you can monitor your child from the next room and it can gently rock the little one to sleep.

According to Roadshow, Ford has only built one so far, but if there's enough demand for the smart crib, the automaker says it will consider a full production run in the future.