Footage Shows Students Being Thrown Out of Seats as Mustang Crashes Into School Bus at 110 Miles Per Hour

A spine-chilling video of a street-racing Mustang ramming into a school bus in Albuquerque, leaving several children inured, has become viral on social media.

The incident dates back to February 23 wherein Mario Perez, 49, slammed his speeding car into the school bus. Two students suffered severe femur and pelvic fractures while seven received minor injuries.

The footage shows 23 middle school students of George I. Sanchez Collaborative Community School on their seats and chatting on their ride back home. Suddenly, the bus is hit by another vehicle which sends them flying in various directions. The video shows the bus tilting to one side following the impact of the crash.

Mario Perez

Terrified by the impact of the crash the students in the video can be heard crying for help and trying to reach out for each other. Some of the students are even seen making desperate attempts to straighten their friends who fell in the direction of the tilted bus.

Missing Strict Action Against the Erring Driver

The surfacing of this video has created a commotion on social media as people including the parents of the schoolchildren are reliving the nightmare that may have left the innocent children permanently disabled or dead.

As reported by Daily Mail Perez was driving his Mustang at 110 miles per hour against the permissible limit of 40 mph in the said street. Perez was racing with another car driver when he rammed his car into the passenger side of the bus near the wheel.

The social media followers are criticizing the law enforcing agency for having failed to take a stringent action against Mario Perez. Perez is still facing the trial.

"Replying to @Kibet98 and @3piececrispy Mario Perez crashes his mustang into a New Mexico middle school bus of 23 students. Going 110 mph, 7 severely injured, 2 critical with a broken femur and surgery on the pelvis. He received no jail time, and promised the judge he would never drive again. Google his name bus crash," expressed a twitter user.

Another user stated, "Mario Perez: New Mexico street racer, 49, slams car into school bus, sends kids flying in TERRIFYING clip #SmartNews AGAIN, WHY NO SEAT BELTS ON SCHOOL BUSSES? HORRIFYING!!!"

A tweet read, "As the punk is in the squad car, crush his car before his eyes. Then lock his ass up for 10yrs. New Mexico street racer, 49, slams car into school bus, sends kids flying in TERRIFYING clip"