Footage Shows Russia's Military Equipment Warehouse Mysteriously Burst Into Flames; Ukrainian Sabotage Suspected

Russia's key military equipment warehouse mysteriously burst into flames in Bryansk Oblast's Klintsy, nearly 50 km from the Ukrainian border. Videos that appeared on the internet show huge plumes of smoke rising above a canopy.

Russia appeared to have lost key military equipment due to the blazes at the warehouse. It's the latest mystery fire in Russia as in the past two months, a number of fire incidents have been reported in military facilities inside Russia forcing experts to endorse the possibility of Ukrainian sabotage activity.

Fire at Russia's military equipment warehouse in Klintsy.
Fire at Russia's military equipment warehouse in Klintsy. Twitter

Klintsy Site Appeared To Be Abandoned

Two major fires are seen at the warehouse, both parallel to each other in Klintsy. But the site appeared to be abandoned as Russia's battle-damaged repairs succumb to the scalding fires. As Russia continues its ferocious battle in the eastern regions of Ukraine, equipment shortages could have a devastating effect on their offensive operations, according to Daily Express.

Since the beginning of the war, it's the 30th mysterious fire incident inside Russia's military facility.

Ukraine Could Be Behind Mysterious Fires

Earlier this month a massive fire broke out at a ten-story business center in Moscow forcing emergency officials to rush to the scene as dozens were trapped inside the building. The mysterious fire at Grand Setun Plaza began early on Friday amid claims of another Ukrainian sabotage action.

Nearly 120 people have been evacuated from the building by the emergency officials and many believe that at least 40 more could be inside the building. All of them, two were rushed to the nearest hospital as they were seriously injured.

US and allied enabling of a Ukrainian sabotage campaign inside Russia telegraphs a significant and escalating cost Putin can ill afford, Professor Douglas London, of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and a retired CIA officer, told Foreign Policy.

Experts have underlined that some of the recent fires in Russia could be because of Ukraine.