Footage Shows Joe Biden Falling Off His Bike Near Delaware Beach Home (WATCH)

US President Joe Biden has fallen off his bike during his solo ride near his Delaware home. Biden fell near Rehoboth Beach home after he greeted reporters 'good morning'.

The President, who is celebrating his 45th marriage anniversary on Friday, was filmed while tumbling off the bike. Soon, he was swarmed by secret agents, who helped him get upright.

Joe Biden falls off his bike
Joe Biden falls off his bike Twitter

The Bidens are spending the Juneteenth holiday weekend at the beach as they mark their 45th wedding anniversary on Friday. Although, when the president tumbled off the bike, he was accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden but when he fell, Jill was not at the site.

Biden Falls Off His Bike

Videos that appeared on the internet show Biden riding a bike while being followed by various agents on their respective bikes on the road. Then, he reached a spot where people had gathered and waited for their president.

In the videos, Biden is seen coming closer to the crowd and trying to stop his bike at a zebra crossing when he tumbled off and fell to the ground.

Security Agents Helped Biden

Soon agents surrounded Biden and helped him to stand up. He told reporters he was good, explaining that he faced problems while taking his biking shoes out of the pedals when he attempted to stop and talk with people who had gathered there.

Multiple videos of Biden falling off his bike have now gone viral on social media and users are reacting to the incident.

"People cheer Joe Biden on and then he falls off his bike in Delaware," wrote a user on Twitter.

"President Joe Biden falls off his bike. Secret Service swarmed him and he got up and then started talking to the crowd," wrote another user.

Some are also reacting in the fun that Russian President Vladimir Putin knocked Biden off his bike.

"Feeble Joe Biden Falls Off Bike In Delaware This is what the world sees when they look at America! In the News Today - BREAKING: Putin Knocked Biden Off His Bike! The 'Putin Price Hike' strikes again, " wrote a Twitter user named @Tarheel633.

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