Following the Footprints of his Idol, Suraj Dighe aims to bring a change in society

Suraj Dighe

Many political leaders in Maharashtra do their politics behind the name of great leaders.Coming as a ray of hope is Suraj Dighe, an activist who established his organisation "Shivsmarak Yuva Sangharsh Samiti" in 2020 with the aim of preserving their idol's forts and memorials. Suraj Dighe says, "The main motive of our organization is to stop the agenda of the political parties running their business by misusing the name of respected leaders."

His organisation spreads the message to the youth of Maharashtra which consists of more than 5000 people and awakens them to follow the great ideology of historic leaders because only then success can be attained in life. The organisation has few demands from the government. The foremost is to fast track the establishment of the world's tallest statue of their idol in Arabian Sea, Mumbai. Another demand is repairing and maintenance of more than 350 forts and memorials of their idols.

Some other demands include- Show the entire history of Shivcharitra on a projector after Shivsmarka is ready, build a library where Shivcharitra can be read, the height of Shivsmaraka should be the same as before, Museum and Library showing the scenes of life of their idol. The organisation wants the memorial to consist of a temple, a museum, a hospital, a replica of the entrance of each fort and a theatre to unfold the life of their idol.

The organisation has also demanded reservation of Maratha Community in the Press Council of Shivsmarak Yuva Sangharsh Samiti. The organisation aims to uphold the Maratha Community in the state.

President Suraj Dighe has been a great president who has motivated his organisation to the fullest and given them the attitude of never giving up.

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