Following false claims, people in Vietnam try black cat paste to ward off coronavirus

Fake medicine largely seen in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi

Animal rights activists are saying that black cats are being killed and turned into a paste before being sold as a coronavirus cure in Vietnam. Fake news was spread in the country that the black cat paste could cure the coronavirus. Disturbing images are also circulating showing the cats being ground before being packed in containers to be sold.

The No to Dog Meat charity reportedly talked to the media about the abominable practice in Vietnam. Reports suggested that the fake medicine was largely seen in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi. Horrific images obtained by the charity show dead skinned cats being kept in the sun and other cats being killed and turned into paste.

There were pictures of the incident which pointed at the cruelty against animals. In several places, pets have been abandoned and killed after rumours of the virus spreading through the animals started doing the rounds. This is a study that is still being analysed.

Black Cat
Black Cat(Representational Image) Wikimedia Commons

People questioning the credibility

As images have been circulating on social media, people have questioned the credibility of the news. According to the New York Post, Charity founder Julia de Cadenet said the footage showing the violent process made her blood curdle. There has been further warning by the campaigner to the UK and the UN that the unsanitary conditions in the production of cat and dog meat could "spark a global health crisis."

Several organisations and people have launched a campaign to end the consumption of wildlife meat. There are studies which believe that pangolins jumped the coronavirus disease between bats and humans.

The No to Dog Meat charity also shared pictures of cats being tortured. This was evidently being questioned by a person from Vietnam who asked if the information was credible.

There are other pictures circulating on the internet which showed a child drinking the paste. The bones of cats are also ground for curing several other diseases which include asthma, polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, spinal pain and hernia.

At the beginning of April, the Chinese city of Shenzhen took a decision to ban cat and dog meat. The decision applied to several of the wet markets and was also in the banned list made by the Chinese authorities. But there are several countries in Asia that have still not stopped the sale of such meats.

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