Follow Your Instincts: Work With The Right Mentality And Make A Difference From Andrea Bosetti's Perspective

Andrea Bosetti

Mentality represents an important aspect of the management of any company. Although there are still people who do not recognize this aspect, the work of media trainers such as Andrea Bosetti, is to convey the importance of this element and is what he has focused his energy on for over two years with the foundation of Digital Marketing Mind.

Passionate about marketing and all its areas since his youth, Andrea had the opportunity to experience different processes within his life that brought him even closer to his goal. From working in discotheques where he participated in the management of weekly events directing groups of more than 1000 people.

Until he became marketing director and founder of his first ventures. Among these, one of the most outstanding has been Coverstore, a mobile phone accessories company, whose growth, together with Andrea and a specialized group, managed to increase its sales volume by up to 12 thousand euros, a couple of months after it started with 9,000.

The growth of the Coverstore showed that Andrea's experience needed a breakthrough. And that is where he became part of the founding team of AGL ASTE IMMOBILIARI, a real estate agency that two years after its foundation, positioned itself with 80 offices and a turnover of 1.5 million euros.

In 2018, Andrea notes the need to transform the mentality of business teams with the intention that they address more effective communication on social media and can achieve an appropriate positioning to boost their sales.

This element led him to the foundation of Digital Marketing Mind, his academy specialized in education and training in digital marketing, especially communication in social media, from a unique perspective.

"It is above all the mentality, which must change: no longer the social as mere entertainment, but as a real marketing and sales tool" is the perception of Andrea.


One of the key aspects of Andrea's experience is that companies must enjoy autonomy in managing their social media. However, he emphasizes that it is necessary to stop seeing these media as just an advertising element and to do it more from a marketing point of view, including in it, the appropriate resources to achieve attention and fulfill purposes.

Aiming at the result

Andrea points out that companies must be prepared to aim for results. From his personal experience, he points out that visibility and partnerships have been two of the tools that have mostly enabled him to achieve his Internet communication purposes.

However, he points out that it has been maintaining the right focus on the use of social media that has brought him greater efficiency. And that is what he wants most people to understand.

Using mistakes to grow

For Andrea, keeping the mindset on learning and not on mistakes is essential. He stresses that one of the weakest aspects of an entrepreneur or businessman is, when he makes mistakes, getting stuck in the negative, in the bad experience. And not seeing the opportunities that can arise from it.

This is why he stresses the importance of understanding the need to move forward, even after making a mistake. Making the best of every experience, no matter how bad it may have been, is one of the greatest advantages of being wrong. "You fall to get up stronger and stronger than before."

Follow your instincts

Andrea points out that one of his biggest mistakes has been to listen too much to others, to the point of leaving his opinions and thoughts below the comments of others. He assures that always keeping your thoughts as a priority will allow you to make the decisions you feel are right.

He is a keen follower of taking risks, as long as they are calculated, and are within the things you want to do. Don't make the mistake of putting others' decisions above your own. Think with your head and trust your potential.

Andrea has transformed the mindset of hundreds of people. In 2019 around 800 companies received training through his events and in the virtual classrooms, obtaining favorable results in raising their potential.

However, for this passionate trainer in social media, it is necessary to move forward, so in 2020 he hopes to double his training numbers and transform the digital mindset of millions around the world.

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