Folabi Solanke wants to Revolutionize Nigeria's Broken System

Folabi Solanke

The Nigerian education system is one of the worst in the world. Millions of adults are illiterate, countless kids are out of school, and as the population expands, these problems seem to be getting worse.

It's not that they don't want to be educated, but that the system isn't capable of educating them.

Although Nigeria is considered to be an emerging superpower, many of its schools lack the most basic resources.

Forget about laptops, internet access, arts and crafts—Nigerian schoolchildren are lucky if they get books. In fact, according to Arizona-based entrepreneur Folabi Clement Solanke, many schools don't even have chairs!

Solanke has spent the past few years running charitable events in rural Nigeria, helping its neediest children with everything from food to recreational activities. But when he saw how these children were being educated, he immediately changed course.

He found schools that were run by one or two teachers, classrooms that amounted to little more than makeshift huts and blackboards. The kids were curious, eager, and willing, but the schools weren't capable of meeting their needs.

Through GENERATIONS Nigeria, a nonprofit organization he founded with his cousin, Solanke is gradually reshaping the education landscape in this West African nation. But he can't do it alone.

The Nigerian government is powerless and unwilling, and so Solanke is relying on support from Americans. By working with fellow entrepreneurs, as well as influencers and athletes, he is increasing awareness and shipping some much-needed supplies.

He has already secured deals with food banks, sports clubs, and more, and in the future, he hopes to build fully-equipped schools that are capable of supporting the most deprived villages in Nigeria.