From Focusing On Healthy Life To Helping Underserved Communities, Health Influencer Salaman Rasoli Has Big Goals In Life

Salaman Rasoli

Salaman Rasoli is not only a bright medical student but a well-known health influencer. Currently, he is in his final year of PA school, pursuing a career in pediatric cardio-thoracic surgery. There are many reasons Salaman opted to enter the field of medicine, but one of the major reasons being how crucial physical health is for him. He believes being mentally and physically fit is the most beneficial thing one can do for themselves. Especially during such times, when we are dealing with new diseases; one must focus on what they consume in combination with how much quality sleep they are getting. Being healthy not only makes one feel good about themselves and their body, but also helps in improved cognitive function, immunity, and mood.

Being a health influencer is not just a hobby for Salaman Rasoli. He has multiple degrees in the field of health and fitness alongside a BS in Cellular & Molecular Biology, Cum Laude respectively. With his knowledge and understanding of a healthy life and the human body, he has helped many individuals who have been looking for trustworthy advice on health and diet. He also shared his thoughts on why being physically healthy is important for every individual.

Salaman Rasoli elaborated, "A lot of the most common diseases today are very much avoidable if individuals got the proper education on diet, health, fitness, and nutrition. Due to our broken healthcare system, we don't draw as much attention to these factors as we should. I hope to incorporate all of these factors during my time as a clinician, health education, and influencer."

Along with his medical study and his knowledge about the human body, Salaman wants to do more good work. He aims to inspire and educate people in the subject of human anatomy and physiology through his social media platforms with a touch of humor in a way where everyone can understand, without the big fancy words. This has earned him a loyal fan base worldwide, with over 17,000 followers on Instagram.

During his free-time, Salaman volunteers at non-profit clinics and mentors students who are pursuing a career in healthcare. He is specifically interested in underserved communities, such as the one he grew up in the suburbs of Sacramento; which has very little resources available. His overall goal as an influencer is to educate these populations and to provide services and outreach that he personally did not have access to. At this young age, Salaman Rasoli aspires to do a lot of good work for humanity and does his best every day to achieve the same.