Flying pizzas: Check out how Italian astronaut makes much-coveted food in space [VIDEO]

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli who is currently orbiting Earth and is aboard International Space Station went viral for making pizza along with the 53 membered crew in space.

High intake of processed foods such as pizza, burgers and meat sandwiches has been shown to increase the risk for cancer in a NYU study. REUTERS

Living on Mars particularly in space might not be a gloomy affair after all. The infinite can provide a continuous supply of your favourite food and desserts and flying ice-cream carts maybe? There is no need for pizza lovers to feel low when in space, for if Dominos fails to deliver, you sure can make one, all by yourself.

Italian astronaut, Paolo Nespoli, who is currently aboard International Space Station and is orbiting Earth, ended up making pizza for himself and his crew and spoke of this issue to their boss during a live streaming public event. It can even beat the likes of Pizzarium, Pepe in Grani, Pizzeria Moza and the list seems endless.

Nespoli's tweet states that his boss was kind enough to send all the ingredients required to make pizza, once the team casually spoke of the same during a public event. He further states that although the pizzas were not like the ones we get on Earth they were "unexpectedly delicious".

When you get all the ingredients to prepare the much-coveted food, when you are well stocked with oregano, cheese, meatballs, sauce and pizza bread, what you end up preparing is no normal pizza after all.

Astronaut Randy Bresnik uploaded a minute long video of the whole cooking process. Their movie night was definitely a fun-filled one as they topped their flying pizzas with sauce, meatballs and cheese. It sure seems to be a pizza made in heaven!