A Florida-woman Kills 15-month Baby; Stabs Husband, Teenage Daughter in Gruesome Crime

A 38-year-old woman in Miami stabbed her 15-month old baby and attacked her husband and teenage daughter with a knife before trying to kill herself. The incident occurred on Monday night, 23 August, in Northwest Miami-Dade.

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4 Children Escape, One Injured and 15-month Baby Died
As per Miami-Dade police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, the cops rushed to the spot and found the baby in critical condition while the husband was at the lawn and the daughter at a neighbour's house. The 38-year-old woman was spotted with what looked like "self-inflicted" injuries.

Whereas the couple's four other children have escaped without any injuries.

The Baby Dies due to Severe Injuries
The baby was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and it died in the hospital. However, the police officers did not reveal the details of the injuries suffered by the baby. The cops have taken the mother to custody after getting treatment at the hospital for the "self-inflicted" wounds.

She is now facing "very serious criminal charges" for killing the 15-month-old baby and stabbing her husband and daughter.

Father-Daughter Getting Treatment
The report on Miami Herald claims that the teenage daughter and father were admitted to the Rider Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital through a helicopter. There is no update on their health condition, yet.

What Triggered the Woman to Kill the Baby and Attack Family Members?
The reason behind the violence is still unknown and what triggered the woman to kill her own baby and attack her family members through the knife. Alvaro Zabaleta tells Miami Herald, "It's a very sad day when a 15-month old loses her life to domestic violence, but considering there were six children in the house, this could have been much worse."

The investigation is still on.