Florida Sergeant Grabs the Throat of Woman Officer; Delayed Battery Charges Questioned on Social Media

In a "shameful act" of discriminatory behavior against a woman colleague, a Sergeant was charged with battery and assault for grabbing a female officer from throat. A bodycam footage released by the Florida police led to the framing of charges.

The incident occurred in November 2021 when Christopher Pullease, 47 appeared on the arrest scene and following some disagreement suddenly grabbed the throat of a woman colleague on field duty.

Despite the evidence provided by the bodycam footage there was a delay for nine months in framing the charges against the guilty officer which has invited a sharp criticism on social media.

Florida Sergeant Christopher Pullease

Police Department Shouldn't Have Allowed the Guilty Cop to Work

Some social media followers stated that based on the evidence Pullease should have been terminated from services as individuals who do not respect their "female colleagues" and are "temperamental" are harmful for the society. The departments should not have allowed him to work with or without salary, added the social media followers.

A report published by Independent stated that Christopher Pullease was also charged with one count of tampering with evidence and assault on a civilian male, about the 19 November 2021 incident.

"The sergeant is accused of intentionally touching or striking the female cop against her will, assaulting her by holding pepper spray up to her face, and assaulting the civilian male by holding pepper spray to his face," the report stated further.

If convicted, Pullease could face a maximum possible sentence of five years in state prison for felony battery on a law enforcement officer, one year for assaulting a law enforcement officer, and 60 days for assault on a civilian.

A Twitter Look at how long it took to charge this suspected white supremacist race soldier Christopher Pullease who was in the middle of committing an anti-Black racist attack when another officer tried to intervene.

"This happened a while ago, but glad he's getting charged. Shouldn't be a cop. NBC News: Florida police sergeant seen grabbing officer by the throat is charged with battery and assault," expressed a Twitter user.

Another user stated, "Qualified Immunity has to be revoked Guys like this Christopher Pullease have to be removed from Public Service in order to Protect and Serve the Public."

A tweet read, "Why is this man still on the police payroll?? I'm sure taxpayers don't want to pay for his salary. Is the female officer ok?"