Florida School Coach Helps Underage Students Have Sex in School Premises, Films Act and Black Mails Female Student to Have Sex With Him

A Florida high school coach, who was also a security monitor, has been arrested for allowing two students to engage in a sex act in a classroom and filmed them on Valentine's Day.

Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez asked the two 16-year-old students lewd questions, took them to a classroom and told them to "do whatever they want". He filmed them through a two-way window as they performed a sex act.

The coach, as per the arrest affidavit, is charged with promoting sexual performance by a child, offenses against students by authority figures, and engaging in a sexual act with a child in custodial authority. Ramirez-Martinez was employed as a part-time security monitor and athletic coach at Downtown Doral Charter Upper School.

Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez
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Black Mailed Female Student to Have Sex With Him

The warrant states that the accused allegedly approached two students at the school on February 14 and asked the female student if she was going to perform oral sex on the other student. Ramirez-Martinez said he could take them to a private room so they could do whatever they want. The 37-year-old coach took the students into a TV production room and told them they could "do it" while he waited in an adjacent room.

A video from the room revealed Ramirez-Martinez filming the teens on his phone through the two-way window as one of them performed a sex act on the other. The police report said the accused entered the adjacent room, gave Juvenile 2 a "fist bump" and encouraged both juveniles not to fall in love because they are too young.

The coach is also alleged to have approached the female student the following day. He said he saw what she had done with the other student and wanted her to do that to him. The student asked him whether he understood that she was under 18. Ramirez-Martinez replied that he likes minors, like her. When the student rejected him, he threatened that he would tell the other teen that they were having sex if she didn't have sex with him.

The student told the school principal on February 17 what had happened and the police was called.

Extremely Dangerous

Doral Police Chief Edwin Lopez described Ramirez-Martinez as somebody who's victimizing students, who's preyed on them, taking advantage of students who are in a unique age in their life hormonally, dealing with the pressure of social media, the pressure of different relationships.

He said the accused is "extremely dangerous" and called him an authority figure, who was supposed to coach, mentor and guide these young men and women into the next phase of life. "Instead, Ramirez-Martinez was taking advantage of them and for us, it gets no worse than that. So we're glad to put people like this in jail."

Ramirez-Martinez was a new hire and committed several felonies within his first few weeks on the job. He was immediately terminated as an employee at Downtown Doral Charter Upper School.