Florida Middle School Teacher Arrested for Kissing Female Student, 15, in the Classroom

Carlos Aguirre Rendon, 29, and the unnamed female student allegedly discussed being in a relationship once she turned 18.

A Deltona Middle school teacher was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a female student of the school. Carlos Aguirre Rendon, 29, of Longwood, Seminole County, Florida was arrested on two charges after the Volusia County Sheriff's Office began an investigation into him. According to reports, Rendon kissed the unnamed girl on the lips in a classroom at the school.

Rendon was arrested on Wednesday on charges of lewd or lascivious conduct and witness tampering in an investigation. He, however, was released by the evening after posting a bond of $12,500. Police noted that additional charges could be filed.

According to CONAN Daily, Rendon was in the classroom with the 15-year-old girl and two other students on January 7, 2022. He allegedly asked the other two students to leave, pulled her mask down, and kissed her on the lips, WKMG reported.

Carlos Aguirre Rendon
Carlos Aguirre Rendon screen grab - Volusia County Sheriff's Office

The teacher and the student discussed being in a relationship once she turned 18

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office received a report about the incident on January 11. The girl's mother alleged that she saw Rendon with his arm around her daughter at a park in Deltona prior to the incident.

Rendon and the girl are said to have discussed being in a relationship once she turned 18. The Volusia County Sheriff's Office reported that Rendon even offered himself as a private tutor after learning that girl was struggling in English.

'If you get taken out of my class, I am leaving this school'

The Deltona Middle School administration transferred the girl out of Rendon's class as soon as they learned of the incident. "If you get taken out of my class, I am leaving this school. I will transfer to University High School to see you," Rendon reportedly yelled in front of the whole class after learning of the same.

The school administration asked Rendon not to return to school while the investigation is going on. The girl denied any sexual contact between the pair before the kissing incident.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office deputies learned that Rendon had approached potential witnesses at Firefighters Memorial Park in Deltona and allegedly asked about the girl he kissed. Reportedly, he told at least one witness not to talk to the police.

Carlos Aguirre Rendon has two kids

It is not clear if Rendon, who taught Math at Deltona Middle School, was married. He, however, has two kids, who he used as a frontto meet the victim at the Firefighters Memorial Park in Deltona. The age of his kids are not clear at the moment.