Florida Man Shoots His Own Mother Dead After Argument Over Air-Conditioner Remote

The 29-year old man himself called 911 and informed police that he had shot his mother in a fit of rage.

On Sunday, a 29-year old man in the North Miami Beach area of Florida called 911 to inform the police that he had fatally shot his mother. The reason for him using the gun was an argument resulting from banal issues such as who will have the air-conditioner remote. However, once the man, Luis Martin Pages, committed the horrendous act, he realized what a big mistake he had made.

"I killed her. Take me to jail," Pages told the cops who arrived at the crime scene after getting the information. The man also said that he intended to shoot himself as well after firing more than one shot at the mother, but failed to do so as there were no bullets left. He also said that the reason for his ghastly act was that he "lost it."

Pages shot his mother after he 'lost it' Pixabay


The victim was 59-year old Miriam Gonzalez. The arguments which eventually turned fatal began when the deceased lady complained that Pages was using her car for traveling in search of a job. Then, the center of the dispute moved to a jar of orange juice kept in the fridge. At this stage, according to the account given by the accused man, Gonzalez started threatening him with a knife.

Not to back down, the 29-year old man responded by asking for the remote of the air-conditioner. That is when things reached a breaking point for him and he unloaded his gun on his own mother. Unfortunately, this gun was in his pocket, so he could instantly reach it and use it.

Luis Martin Pages
The accused Luis Martin Pages Police department

After his arrest, Pages has been held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. No bail bond has been offered. He has been charged with second-degree murder, which is homicide without the intention of killing. Going by the contrition he showed, it is likely that the accused would plead guilty.

The punishment most likely for him is a life sentence. However, there is one possibility that could reduce his sentence. The act of shooting your own mother, just because you "lost it" seems quite extraordinary. It suggests all is not well with Pages as far as his psychological condition is concerned.

If there is an inquiry into his state of mind and it turns out that he is mentally ill, some other punishment might be prescribed. This case will again raise questions about the very lax gun laws in the USA. Why should a 29-year old, with possible mental issues, be allowed to have a gun, is a question that will be asked.