Police in Florida's Vero Beach arrested a man for calling 911 to complain about alien invasion. The man who told the operator that he saw aliens flying close the ground in his area was charged for misusing the emergency service.

James Fleurant called 911 in the early hours of Thursday and told the operator that he was "seeing aliens, little ones flying low to the ground," his arrest affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun stated. He then went on to tell the operator that he did not want "to go 'Independence Day' on them," referring to the Will Smith-starrer science fiction movie, where aliens wipe out major cities of the world and surviving members of human race fight to save the mankind.

"Fleurant previously made a 911 call stating her heard three gunshots around 43rd avenue and 45th street. Another 911 call came in by Fleurant's and he stated that he stole some tape and off spray from family dollar a while back," the 28-year-old's affidavit stated.

Fleurant was held on $500 bond on a misdemeanor charge, according to The Smoking Gun. He was previously convicted for battery, theft, and probation violation.

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Misuse of 911

Calling 911 without any genuine emergency issue attracts penalty in Florida. The person involved in misusing the emergency service is charged with a misdemeanor of the first degree.

According to the law, the misuse is defined as "making a false alarm or complaint or reporting false information that could result in the emergency response of any public safety agency." This also included any individual knowingly using or attempting to use such service for a "purpose other than obtaining public safety assistance; or any person who knowingly uses or attempts to use such service in an effort to avoid any charge for service."

Last June, a Florida man was arrested for calling 911 because he was lonely. The man called the emergency service 17 times in two days.