Florida Doctor Who Drugged and Raped Patients Found Dead in Ditch With Gunshot Wound to Head

Dr Eric Andrew Salata, who was arrested last week for allegedly raping two patients after drugging them with sedatives, laughing gas and tequila, was found dead in a ditch near his home.

Police have not ruled out a suicide as the 54-year-old's death does not appear to be suspicious.

According to an incident report, Salata's body was found during a welfare check called in by authorities who noted that his ankle monitor hadn't moved for eight hours on Monday.

Eric Salata
Eric Salata. Twitter

Gunshot Wound

The officer, who saw Salata's boot sticking up in a wooded area, discovered the doctor's lifeless body. The report said the body was cold to the touch. The officer also saw a gunshot wound on the right side of his head and a handgun was resting next to his leg.

The report stated that Salata left two notes, his credit cards and his wedding ring at his Naples home. He had been charged with two counts of sexual battery to a physically helpless person and was scheduled for a court appearance on December 19. If convicted, Salata would have faced six to 30 years in prison for either of the charges.

Salata Had Practiced Medicine for Over 30 Years

Salata, who had reportedly practiced medicine in southwest Florida for more than 30 years until last week, was arrested on November 21 after two women, aged 51 and 72, claimed he sexually assaulted them during cosmetic procedures at his practice – Pura Vida Medical Spa.

A third woman had also come up with similar allegations against him. The patients accused Salata of sedating and raping them during a cosmetic procedure while they were blacked out from a mixture of tequila, laughing gas and sedatives. They told police that they regained consciousness while Salata performed sex acts on them without their consent.

He was released from the Naples Jail Center after posting a bond on November 22, and was scheduled to appear in court on December 19.

This article was first published on December 1, 2022