FlexPro Meals Is Dedicated to Making it Right and Redefining the Meal Delivery Experience

Nathan Corn

Food is an essential foundation to life, the same goes for sleep, social interaction, and good health. However, nutritious food frequently takes a backseat to other needs in a world where work is demanding and requires frequent attention. Though people often turn to frozen meals to compensate for the lost time of preparing fresh meals, convenient meals are often filled with salts, preservatives, and calories that wreak havoc on our bodies in the long run. FlexPro aims to change that reputation with its weekly meal service plans.

Rather than unknown ingredients, FlexPro individualized meals are made with things we can all understand: chicken, collard greens, rice, pasta, etc. And each meal even comes with an easy to read label listing total calories, carbohydrates, and protein. By making the process as simple and easy as possible, FlexPro hopes to change the relationship between its consumers and how they perceive food. Rather than food being a source of stress or guilt, FlexPro hopes its meals will be something people look forward to having.

FlexPro initially began in 2013 as a small-time operation, where young entrepreneur Nathan Corn would prepare meals in a commissary. Over time, thanks to his dedication and word-of-mouth referrals from his friends, FlexPro eventually expanded into a multi-million dollar business, staffed by Corn and a small team.

Part of FlexPro's success comes from its simplicity on the customer end. Customers select their meal plans for the week: three meals each for seven days. And there's enough variety to keep customer's interests.

For example, there's savory Butter Chicken with collard greens, creamy Garlic Chicken, excellent Steak & Potatoes, and even protein-filled bites for those with a sweet tooth. After selection, each order is then prepared right at FlexPro's facility in Kansas City before going on same-day or next-day shipping right to customers' front doors.

While expedited shipping ensures that customers' meals are at their freshest, this also leaves packages susceptible to errors.FlexPro has enlisted the services of mailing companies such as UPS for its meals, meaning customers may indirectly suffer for any mistakes a mail carrier makes.

Like any business, FlexPro has received its share of criticisms from customers, such as warm meals, broken meal trays, or missing shipments. While such complaints are small (about a hundred reported incorrect meals out of thousands of meals delivered daily), FlexPro takes each complaint seriously and works quickly to solve customer problems.

With a redesigned customer service interface, FlexPro ensures speedy communication with customers with direct text messaging, quick social media communication, and quick refunds on damaged and missed shipments. Alongside its continual email updates, FlexPro will soon be implementing an SMS notification system as well. According to FlexPro, a great company isn't all about getting it right at all times - it's about making it right at any cost.