Flat-earther Mike Hughes propels himself 1875 feet into California sky

Flat earth conference
Flat earth Screengrab from YouTube

Mike Hughes, better known as Mad Mike among his followers successfully propelled himself 1875 feet into California sky to prove the earth is flat. The self-taught rocket scientist flew in a homemade vessel, before a hard landing in Mojave desert which left him slightly injured. The rocket, after the launch, landed about 1500 feet away from the launching pad.

Daredevil Mad Mike

After the launch, Mike Hughes told Associated Press that apart from slightly hurting his back, he is fine and was relieved after the Saturday launch which took place near Amboy California.

The anticipated launch which happened on Saturday was originally scheduled to carry out on last November. But his launching attempt was delayed several times due to mechanical and logistical issues with the Bureau of Land Management. As the launch was postponed, many people started criticized Mike stating that he is a publicity seeker, and has never built a rocket.

After the launch, Mike Hughes told AP that he was literally tired of hearing skeptics saying that he has never built a rocket, and now it is time for relief as he has completed the mission.

Now, Hughes is reportedly planning to build a space vehicle called 'Rockon'. In the Rockon mission, the rocket will be carried to the air in a gas-filled balloon and will be later lit to the skies. Hughes believes that this plan will help him to reach an altitude of 68 miles which will make him understand the real shape of the earth.

Who are Flat-earthers?

Flat-earthers are a group of people who strongly believe that the earth is flat, and not spherical as we have learned in textbooks. The flat earth theory has gained much popularity in the recent years, and eminent personalities like former England cricket captain Andrew Flintoff are proponents of this theory.

According to flat earth believers, the earth is protected by a wall of ice in the poles, and this is why most of the governments are building their bases there. Flat earth believers have also reportedly planned to hold an International Conference in Canada on this summer.

This article was first published on March 26, 2018