'F**k Chinese People': Black Man Punches Asian Shop Owner in Washington Racist Attack

An Asian American shop owner was brutally thrashed by a black man in an apparent racist attack in Washington D.C right inside his store. The attack left the man bleeding from his nose and mouth and he is now hospitalized. The attack also left the man with dark, swollen eyes.

The Chinese American man named Chong Hu Lu was at the counter at his store and asked the black man not to open a certain product before billing and an altercation broke out between the two.

Asian American punched by black man racist
Instagram grab /Gaomeilu

As the situation got heated up, the black man pulled Chong from the counter and began punching him and hurled racist abuse such as ''F*ck You Chinese People! I Hate You'' and continuously hit his face while dragging him across the store. The Asian American man reportedly got 14 stitches across his face.

The police are on the lookout for the culprit and have also urged the public to help in their investigation to nab the black man. The incident occurred at the Max Trading store, below the Northeast Washington DC jewelry store and the ordeal is captured on the surveillance camera.

The man's wife Cong Cong Hu told News4 that she is devastated with what happened to her husband and could not sleep at night worrying about their future. ''I just don't understand. I couldn't sleep the whole night last night. Why do they treat us like this? We didn't do nothing wrong.''

Chong's daughter also posted a screenshot doing a FaceTime with her injured father on Instagram and highlighted how bad her father was beaten by the black man and raised awareness that Asian Americans need to be extra cautious as attacks against them can happen at any moment.

A user commented on her picture saying its time Asian Americans join together as a force and tackle the situation legally by sending all the thugs to attack people to prison. ''#AsianAmericans must rise and take it to a logical end through legal means. Or else they will continue to pay the price. #AsianLivesMatter.''

After the Covid-19 lockdowns in the U.S, Asian Americans have been at the center of target and have been punched, spat on the face, pushed on the streets and even urinated at while hearing racist slurs and majority of the attackers said Chinese have brought the virus to America.