Fix for Android Marshmallow system memory leak coming soon

Android Marshmallow memory leak is all set to be patched up in forthcoming updates.

Android Marshmallow users may feel relieved after hearing the news of Google closing the latest system memory leak issue (195104) with its status set for "future release." This could indicate that the patch will be rolled out with Android N or the next monthly update.

It may be recalled that the infamous Lollipop memory leak had been a major concern for Android users until it was patched up in Android 5.1. It is further ascertained that the latest memory leak issue could be affecting only certain devices as was the case with the Lollipop update.

With nearly 500 star-ratings registered for the issue 195104 on the Android issue tracker since late last year, the memory leak problem appears to be a major one.

Memory leaks are often the cause of system instability and random app crashes as the affected device will continue to consume more RAM than required even in idle mode and this trend will only worsen over a period of time.

If the past is any indication, we could rest assured that Google will soon release a major fix to resolve the widespread memory leak issue. However, there is always the risk of running into newer memory leaks with every new feature update as the source code will need adequate changes to avoid conflicts.