Five asteroids to whiz past earth tomorrow and one of them is as big as the Big Ben, NASA reveals

If the asteroid enters the earth's atmosphere, it will cause a mid-air explosion, thus causing havoc in the impacted area

Asteroid Pixabay

NASA, the United States space agency has revealed that five asteroids will skim past earth tomorrow, and interestingly, one among them is the size of the Big Ben tower, London.

As per NASA's Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies, this giant asteroid has a diameter of 95 meters at the higher end, and during its close flyby, it will be almost 2.5 million miles away from the earth.

Scientists have named this asteroid 2019 TM7 and the chances of this asteroid hitting the earth are considerably low. The other four asteroids that will be skim past the Earth tomorrow are 2019 TE2, 2019 TW6, 2019 TP5 and 2019 TA1. The diameter of these asteroids ranges from 31 meters to 59 meters.

It should be noted that the closest of these asteroids will safely zip past the earth at 1.9 million miles from the planet's surface. Even though the chances of collision are pretty low, a small change in these asteroids' trajectory could trigger devastation on the planet. However, even if an impact happens, the chances of a global scale impact are considerably less.

As several space experts including popular American physicist Neil deGrasse had previously warned of a possible asteroid hit that could wipe out life from earth's surface, NASA is now closely monitoring near-earth objects that could pose threat to the planet.

As of now, the space agency has discovered more than 19,000 near-earth objects and this count increases by an average number of 30 every week.

In order to combat a potential asteroid hit in the future, NASA is also busy developing a planetary defence weapon. This planetary defence weapon is basically a large spacecraft, and experts are planning to hit this craft to an approaching asteroid.

Experts believe that this collision of the asteroid with the spacecraft will deflect the original collision trajectory of the space body, and thus the earth can be saved from a catastrophic event.

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