Fitness Millionaire Ferhat Kacmaz enters the Crypto & NFT Market with a revolutionary system.

Ferhat Kacmaz

Isn't it amazing to know and read more about all those people and professionals who cross boundaries in order to reach their highest potentials and their desired success levels? It is so important today to hold more talk around these people as these are the ones who inspire innovation and greatness in all that they choose to do through their work. Serving as one such great example to people in the world of entrepreneurship is a self-made fitness millionaire Ferhat Kacmaz, who has not only taken over the fitness space over the years with his fitness chain but also ventured into the restaurant business, entertainment, and events space and now started his Fitness-tech app Fit Burn - Burn to Earn.

He proudly enters the crypto and NFT markets by introducing a revolutionary system, which emerges as the first burn-to-earn lifestyle revolution enabling people to earn from every drop of sweat in their fitness journey. This is a completely new concept and an idea no one ever thought of before, which is why Ferhat Kacmaz is also known for being a pioneer in the industry and an awarded fitness personality.

Explaining how Fit Burn works, the CEO says people will be able to earn while sweating and also monetize their time during their workout sessions by using the app. A Fit Burn user will earn Calorie tokens (CAL) via an in-app NFT T-shirt proportional to the calories they burn during their workout sessions. They can use these CAL tokens to upgrade their NFT T-Shirt to increase the efficiency of the reward distribution. In the upgrading process of the NFT, the calories will be burned, keeping and increasing the value of the Calorie tokens.

Ferhat Kacmaz is confident of how incredibly Fit Burn will be able to disrupt the whole of the fitness space by leveraging the power of the digital financial space and modern technologies as the first burn-to-earn application in the world.

Originally a German entrepreneur and now relocated to Dubai, he has successful businesses to his name across sectors that have expanded to the Middle East and many other parts of the UAE. However, his recent revolutionary system with Fit Burn has helped him place a firmer foot into entrepreneurship.

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