Fitness expert Ray Wetterlund III shares how his celebrity clients have influenced people tolive a healthy life

Ray Wetterlund III

When it comes to perfection, celebrities are under constant pressure to be at their best. Whether it is about their looks, fashion or fitness, they have to maintain themselves every time. Fitness has lately become a part and parcel of the entertainment industry across the globe, and many people are influenced to workout by looking at their favourite stars. In San Diego, celebrity fitness trainer Ray Wetterlund III has stood like a pillar for all the stars and influencers. Ray is widely known for his exclusive workout and diet regimes that transform people's lives for good.

The core reason behind Ray having the best clients from the entertainment industry is because of his discipline towards a healthy life. With having celebrities in his clientele, it has become easier for Ray to urge people about staying fit. "I believe celebrities are highly influential people whose actions are watched and followed by a larger audience. With my training programs, many celebrities have used their social standing to promote wellness and fitness on a larger scale. This trend is expected to grow because it has a strong impact on the audience", says Ray.

An ardent believer of 'You become what you eat', Ray Wetterlund III has always given one pro tip to the people. According to him, to have a fit body, one must maintain a balance between a perfect diet and regular exercises. "Diet and workout support each other. The reason behind celebrities having a toned physique is because of their discipline towards their diet and the dedication towards workout", added Ray. Because of his holistic approach towards work, Ray Wetterlund III has become a popular name on social media with a fan following more than 20 million people.

After completing a degree in Kinesiology, he became a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach (CSCS) and a sports nutritionist. Ray's award-winning 1000+ calorie-burning RW3 Boot Camp is followed by thousands of people as it has brought a drastic change in everyone's lives. Day after day, Ray Wetterlund III is marching closer towards his goal of revolutionizing the fitness industry. The trainer is currently planning to launch various other workout plans and boot camps for his clients. Looking at his excellency towards work, we hope that the fitness expert continues with his incredible work of inspiring people to stay fit and healthy.