'Fit and healthy' UK Woman Dies of Covid-19 After Sharing Heartbreaking Final Facebook Post

The mother of five, Karen Hobbs, suffered a cardiac arrest and died on January 19 in an induced coma, just a few weeks after she tested positive for COVID-19.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world over 2,157,000 people lost their lives after contracting the virus. Karen Hobbs, a mother-of-five, is one of those victims. Before she took her last breath, Hobbes shared her final Facebook posts voicing her fear that "she might not make it".

The 40-year-old British woman suffered a cardiac arrest and died on January 19 in an induced coma, just a few weeks after the former EasyJet air stewardess tested positive for COVID-19.

Karen Hobbs
Karen Hobbs, a COVID-19 patient, suffered a cardiac arrest and died on January 19. gofundme.com

She fell ill with the Coronavirus before Christmas. Despite previously being "fit and healthy", on December 27 she was taken to hospital due to her declining health condition.

Hobbes hardly left the house during the pandemic. The only other place she would have gone is to the school. So, it is still unclear how she contracted the deadly virus. Her sister Racheal Hobbs said: "For the first couple of days she was at home. She couldn't do anything basically, she was in bed, had no energy."

She thought Hobbs was going to collapse because of her cough and breathing issues. "You see it on the TV when they're on the oxygen and everything but it's different when someone is in front of you doing it. It's probably the worst thing I've ever witnessed," she added.

The Last Words

Hobbs expressed her feelings and fear in a series of haunting posts on Facebook. She wrote about the life inside an intensive care unit after she was taken to the University Hospital of Wales.

Hobbs shared an emotional last Facebook post on the same day when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he was "deeply sorry" as the UK's Coronavirus death toll officially rose above 100,000.

In one of those posts, the COVID-19 victim wrote on December 28: "Well I got sent home from the hospital last night only to have to ring an ambulance as I couldn't breathe again so back in the hospital...it's far to say COVID-19 has well and truly kicked my butt!"

Two days later she shared another post, in which Hobbs talked about a COVID-19 patient who died in front of her. "Poor, poor lady, the nurses worked so hard to get her back but she couldn't be helped. Let that serve as a warning to anyone who still thinks it's okay to
break the rules," she wrote.

As her health condition continued to deteriorate, Hobbs described on the New Year's Eve that how she was struggling to respond to people's well wishes. She wrote: "I can't manage to keep sitting and texting."

In early January, Hobbs said: "Being place into an [induced] coma and warned that I might not make it, please everyone pray for me that I wake from this and come home to my kids. Terrified is not the word!"

No Hope Left

Hobbs' sister Rachel said that the healthcare professionals at the hospital talked to the family a week before her death. A consultant explained to the family how ill she was and what was going to happen. "It was multiple organ failure they called it," said Rachel.

"He basically said 'we do think she's going to die'. We were just stunned. We thought she would be okay," she added.

Rachel thought Hobbs will get better within few weeks after coming out of the coma. But it did not happen. She said: "I didn't think it would be her, a fit and healthy person."

However, after her tragic death, Hobbs' family spoke out and urged people to stick to the lockdown rules. A GoFundMe page has been set up by friends to support her children.

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