First UK Man Who Fell Sick with Coronavirus Infection in Wuhan Found Dead in Bangor University Hall

Despite the best efforts of friends and paramedics, the 26-year-old Connor Reed was pronounced dead at Bangor University

A 26-year-old man, believed to be the first British national to contract the novel Coronavirus infection was found dead in his university room.

The deceased, Connor Reed, had been a teacher in China's Wuhan when he contracted the virus in 2019 but he did not know what was the disease. However, after recovery, he returned to the UK to study the Chinese language at Bangor University.

But as confirmed by his mother, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, Reed was found dead in his halls of residence at the university. She wrote in a Facebook post: "It brings me great sadness to announce our beautiful son Connor Reed has passed away in a tragic accident at Bangor University at the weekend. He will be so greatly missed by his brothers, family, and friends. He had such a wonderful smile, enthusiasm, and love for life."

Connor Reed: A Survivor

Connor Reed
Connor Reed, contracted the virus in the China last year Twitter

As per his mother, Reed had faced a lot of hardship in China and had undergone "more lockdown than anyone we have known," that includes 16 weeks long lockdown in the Asian country where the virus was first reported, then two weeks in Australia and at last, three weeks in the UK.

Reed's mother told The Sun that she is heartbroken that "his adventures came to an end at Bangor University where he was studying for a degree in the Chinese language with what looks like a tragic accident." And now when he is gone, "we will never know where his ambition and drive would have taken him".

As reported North Wales Police were called to Bangor University halls of residence at 10 pm on October 25 but despite Connor was pronounced dead at the scene, despite the best efforts of paramedics. His death is not being treated as suspicious.

What Happened to Connor Reed?

After Reed first contracted the virus in China, he was off work bedridden in his apartment. He was taken to the hospital after developing a serious cough and then losing his voice.

His mother confirmed that 26-year-old Reed never got over the "hardship" he has endured after catching the Coronavirus caused disease, COVID-19. She said that the travel restrictions will also not let her take a flight to the UK for the funeral of her son.

Funeral ceremony Pixabay

Earlier this year, when Reed was recovering from the disease, he said, after his cough turned into "a pneumonia-type thing" and he was admitted to a hospital, "I didn't want to take any antibiotics and just drank hot toddies made of hot whiskey and honey, and that really helped my sore throat." At that time, he also said, "I am walking proof you can survive the Coronavirus."

His mother and father moved to Australia almost a decade ago. They said Reed was ill for almost two weeks before making a full recovery from the COVID-19. After his death, the family launched a fundraiser page online to arrange his funeral. However, it has not been revealed clearly if Reed died due to the long-term effects of Coronavirus infection.

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