First trailer of Dark Phoenix shows vulnerable and 'evil' Jean Grey seeks answers from X-Men [VIDEO]

Marvel has released the trailer for the upcoming X-Men movie Dark Phoenix and it looks quite promising. The film revolves around a young Jean Grey, played by Sophie Turner, who tries to understand her powers. She seeks guidance from Professor Xavier as she is unable to understand how to channel her powers.

This movie sets the tone for previous X-Men movies and how each mutant evolved into who they became. Dark Phoenix particularly focuses on a vulnerable, scared and a powerful Jean who tries to keep her powers in control. However, is it too late?

Fox will try to sell Dark Phoenix in the same way how other Marvel movies are currently being made -- by dedicating an entire film to show the origin of the lead character.

X Men: Dark Phoenix
X Men: Dark Phoenix Instagram

According to Forbes, this could be a huge risk as it might not create the same magic that Deadpool or Wolverine had. However, looking at how the previous X-Men movies have been a huge hit, Marvel fans would walk into the theatre with high expectations from Sophie Turner.

Either way, we get to see Professor X, Magneto, Storm, Mystique, and others in their new uniforms.

The film will hit the screens on February 14, 2019.