First Tomb Raider game is now playable in browser using OpenLara

Here's how to play the first Tomb Raider game in browser using an open-source app called 'OpenLara'.

First Tomb Raider game is now playable in browser using OpenLara

The original Lara Croft adventure game aka Tomb Raider can now be played directly in a web browser, thanks to two new open-source projects called 'OpenTomb' and 'OpenLara' wherein the latter is an advanced version based on the former.

Die-hard fans of the popular franchise will be itching to revisit the epic game dominated by an invigorating female character, in an immersive game world. The most lucrative and exciting franchise of the 1990s will truly benefit from the open-source efforts of xProger, who is the developer behind OpenLara.

For the first time in the history of the game franchise, the OpenLara app developer has introduced support for newer versions of OpenGL in the form of WebGL, which allows gamers to play the original title in any of the iOS or macOS browsers.

Although the idea of revisiting the game from the 1990s seems to be appealing at first, the fun would only be short-lived as the touch-controls used for playing the game on a small-screen browser do not really reproduce the flawless experience of running the original game on the consoles.

Nevertheless, hard-core Lara Croft fans may go ahead and try their skills with delicate touch-controls for a browser-based game that really fails to recreate the stunning gameplay elements and immersive experience of the original.

If you want to check out the game, just head over to the following URL: on your desktop or mobile web browser. Meanwhile, developers and contributors could visit the project's GitHub page here to suggest inclusions and modifications for the game as a feedback.