First supermoon of the year through the eyes of viewers

NASA/ Bill Ingalls

The year 2018 started with a rare supermoon and the entire world witnessed it. According to NASA, a supermoon illuminates the dark night sky when it comes closest to the earth and the phenomenon is known as perigee.

American space agency NASA had shared tidbits about the supermoon on Twitter. It was also called the "wolf moon."

Skygazers or not, the first supermoon of the year took everyone's breath away and several people shared the picture of it online.

Here are some of the pictures that show the supermoon through the eyes of viewers and shared on social media:

Earthlings will again get to see another such event by the end of this month on January 31, which will mark the second supermoon and also the first eclipse of this year. This supermoon, which is bcalled the "super blue blood moon" by NASA, will coincide with a complete lunar eclipse. People from North America's west coast and across the region of Pacific Ocean will be able to observe this celestial phenomenon. North America's east coast will only be able to witness a partial eclipse.

A blue moon occurs once in every two and a half years, said NASA.

This article was first published on January 4, 2018