First Post-Pandemic Movie Premiere with Never-Been-Done-Before Drive-In Movie Premiere Event for an Invisible Narratives and FaZe Clan Film This September

Faze Clan

Invisible Narratives and FaZe Clan plan to debut their first film project together later this year in September by way of a pandemic-friendly drive-in movie premiere event that is due to be produced by Beachers' Madhouse's very own Jeff Beacher in Los Angeles. In an event that will be the first of its kind, Beacher will fuse all elements of every involved party from film to entertainment to esports and gaming and more, the drive-in event will showcase celebrities as they "drive" the red carpet in what will look like a show business motorcade. The event will also feature music, a key part in the project as Invisible Narratives and FaZe Clan has additionally partnered with Epic Records for the films' soundtracks.

This announcement comes on the heels of Adam Goodman and Andrew Sugerman's Invisible Narratives announcing their long-pending partnership with FaZe Clan, the popular esports and entertainment organization. After over a year of development, the two companies are coming together to launch a feature-length film franchise that will kick off later this year.

The drive-in movie premiere event might seem like a challenge, but for a renowned showman like Beacher, coming up with brilliant ideas for a post-pandemic world event like this is exactly what he's been up to during quarantine. We reached out to Beacher to find out that thanks to his long-standing relationship and friendship with Invisible Narratives' Adam Goodman, Beacher's idea for a drive-in movie premiere where star and influencers drive the "car" pet seemed nothing short of perfect.

The unexpected quarantine has also granted Beacher the opportunity to hone in on a healthier lifestyle, which after losing 45 pounds since the stay-at-home order began, he's done just that. In addition to giving up sleeping pills, Beacher has been hard-pressed on staying healthy and being his best self. With a happy and healthy lifestyle to support even more groundbreaking ideas for business opportunities and events in this new frontier of the post-pandemic world, Beacher is coming out of quarantine raring to go.