First Kiss for the Seventh Time
First Kiss for the Seventh Time (Trailer/youtube)

The most anticipated Korean web series, First Kiss for the Seventh Time, is on its way. It casts the Legend of the Blue Sea star Lee Min Ho, EXO's Kai and many other well-known actors. But, according to reports, the story does not focus on Lee Min Ho or Kai.

As AllKpop reports, some of the famous stars featured in this series include Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Jun Ki, Park Hae Jin and 2PM's Taecyeon among others.

In the upcoming K- Drama, Lee Cho Hee's character Min Soo Jin never had a boyfriend and therefore never kissed any man before.

The characters of First Kiss for the Seventh Time

According to the Movie News Guide reports, "Min Soo Jin's character one day meets a Goddess, played by actress Choi Ji Woo, who lets her meet seven handsome men. Her life is expected to go on a twisted ride as she attempts to pick the right partner for her first kiss."

Ji Chang Wook plays the role of a secret agent. According to Soompi, he said in the press conference for the upcoming web series: "In this drama, I took on the role of a secret agent. I wanted a handsome and gentle role like the other actors but they made me do a secret agent."

Korea Portal reports that Kai said: "I played a younger guy who used to get Chinese tutoring, then coolly returned [to her]."

At the press conference, actor Lee Jun Ki introduced his character saying: "I played a church oppa from Choi Hee's younger days. Previously, I was in a historical drama so I'm happy to show my romantic act, even though it's short." Taecyeon said, "I played the son of a Chaebol who sacrifices for love. It's a role that I've always wanted to try."

While these are the confirmed details about the character Lee Min Ho will play, the other mysteries will be solved soon, as the First Kiss For The Seventh Time premiere is expected to be in December.