First cases of coronavirus detected in Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain; Israel next?

New cases of the coronavirus emerge in the Mideastern regions furthering the spread to newer parts of the world

The Covid-19 has been detected in three new places in the Middle East on Monday, Feb 24 as media outlets from Iraq, Bahrain, and Kuwait confirmed that there are new cases from the travelers who recently visited Iran that first reported the cases of coronavirus.

A hospital in Iraq is being evacuated because of the detection of the new coronavirus in a patient, who had visited Iran recently. Otherwise, Iraq had maintained that there were no cases of the virus as of Sunday, Feb 23. Sources told the local media that the case was detected in Najaf and the evacuation of the Al-Hakim Hospital is underway.

Kuwait and Bahrain have also announced that there were new cases of the virus.

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Cases in Kuwait and Bahrain

In Kuwait, three people who were returning from Iran have been found infected by the Covid-19. The official Kuwaiti News Agency quoted the Health Ministry saying that the tests on people returning from Iran led to three persons discovered with the disease. All three cases are under observation in a hospital.

The official Bahrain News Agency also said that the Health Ministry has confirmed one case in the country already. Similar to the cases detected in Iraq and Kuwait, the person was returning from Iran when the infection was detected.

The Bahraini citizen was transferred to Ibrahim Khalil Kanoo Health Center in the Salmaniya area in the capital, Manama, for quarantine. He is under special care, said the ministry, adding that special measures are being taken to protect those who were in contact with the infected person.

Israel Next?

Meanwhile, reports from South Korea said pilgrims who returned from Israel were found infected with the disease. If they were carrying the virus prior to their visit to Israel, then Israel will have to undergo quarantine for all those who were in contact with these pilgrims during their visit and stay in Israel.

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