Fire Covers San Francisco in a Cloud of Smoke and Haze; Firefighters Battle to Save World War II Ship

A Four-Alarm Fire Broke Out on Pier 45 in San Francisco on Saturday, Causing Damage to Fisherman's Wharf

Over 125 firefighters have been battling to save a historic World War II ship after a four-alarm fire broke out on Pier 45 in San Francisco on Saturday. As per city's Fire Department PIO, a quarter of the pier at Fisherman's Wharf "has been lost to the flames."

As of now no injuries have been reported and the firefighters have successfully evacuated the pier, said the department. As per the social media posts huge flames could be seen in the early morning darkness. Several images of the fire incident were posted on Twitter by netizens. Some of these images also showed how the firefighters were trying to control the blaze on Pier 45.

The San Francisco Fire

It should be noted that the blaze was first reported at around 4.17 am local time and has been contained to a section of the pier. As per the, city's fire department, due to this incident a building was partially collapsed on the southern part of the pier. The Fire Department officials also stated that the fire also spread to two buildings on the pier and may spread to a third.

Local firefighters told the local ABC News affiliate that the four-alarm fire, which has covered the city in a cloud of smoke and haze, threatened the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, the historic ship which is one of two fully functioning Liberty ships launched during World War II. Even though the ship was saved the warehouse is "a total loss," said firefighters. The local authorities are still investigating the incident. Meanwhile, the city Fire Department tweeted a link to live updates.