Finding One's Key to Success and Using It to Unlock Potential


Since 2016, the HighKey brand has dominated each industry it joins, from top-quality products to efficient ways of scaling businesses using their specialized methods. It has been an exciting journey for owners, co-founders, and brothers Luke and Jordan Lintz. Having started the brand when they were both in their teens, they've impressively grown things over the course of the last four years to be worth seven figures.

It's all about finding one's specialty within a business, and that can be hard; the industry is so competitive and cutthroat that many people scramble to find that little thing that will set them apart from the competition. This causes countless entrepreneurs to fail because they're so caught up in what they don't have that there's no effort going into working on what's already there.

For Jordan and Luke, their specialty comes in the form of offering unmatched service and quality to customers. Since HighKey's establishment in 2016, the brand has been working hard and earning itself a strong reputation for reliability and great customer service. The bond with clients has grown to be impressive, and everyone has an ample amount of trust in each other, resulting in a great deal of business getting done.

That's one of the things that encouraged the recent creation of HighKey Real Estate, the newest company under the HighKey brand. High-level clients worldwide will soon have the opportunities to invest with the company, something that plenty of people have asked about in the past. It's exciting for Jordan and Luke to be able to give their clients what they've been asking for, especially since it has also been benefiting their own brand.

The new real estate venture has been a part of a team effort with the elite Canadian real estate coaching company, BlackCard University. Founded by the late investor and entrepreneur Stefan Aarnio, the business focuses on educating those starting out in the industry and provides the most thorough education for new investors. Hundreds of people have secured successful careers thanks to BlackCardU's extensive courses and helpful staff, which was an extra plus for Jordan and Luke.

As Stefan was a business partner of the two before his passing, the brothers already had pre-existing connections with the company that helped them set the foundation for their own real estate business. With the help of BlackCardU team members Damon Woodward and James Dmytriw, securing deals around their hometown of Winnipeg has been a breeze.

The first pieces of property HighKey purchased were two apartment buildings in different parts of the city, a 28-unit building on Jefferson Avenue and a 35-unit building on David Street. Together, the buildings are worth over $5 million, and over the next two years, each will have $1.2 million-worth of work done in renovations to increase value and quality.

Getting into real estate has been a goal of HighKey for a while now, and being able to finally execute their ideas and get the ball rolling has been extremely exciting for the company. For the future, they hope to offer more things, especially investment opportunities for clients and friends, but for now, they're focusing on establishing themselves and growing their portfolio.