Find out how Prince Charles knew marrying Princess Diana was a 'wrong decision'

Prince Charles was worried about the damage, the humiliation, the headlines and the castigation of pulling out his marriage with Princess Diana, writes royal author Penny Junor

New details about the infamously ill-starred marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles are out now. They explain how the Prince of Wales knew even before their wedding day that they can never get their happy ending.

When Prince Charles was walking down the aisle, he knew that he was making a mistake. He knew that Lady Diana Spencer was not the right person to be bound to for the coming years, according to Royal Biographer Penny Junor.

Prince Charles was surprised by Princess Diana's change in behaviour after marriage

In her 2005 book The Firm, the royal author explains how surprised Prince Charles was to notice a change in the behaviour for Princess Diana after their engagement. He thought she adored everything that he loved to do, like hunting, shooting and other outdoor activities.

"[But] she seemed suddenly to hate everything he had thought she loved. He was quite at loss to understand the change in Diana, and thought it must be his fault in some way; that the prospect of marrying him was all too ghastly," Junor writes.

Prince Charles did not discuss his anxieties with anybody

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
When Prince Charles was walking down the aisle, he knew that marrying Princess Diana was a mistake. Royal Family

Yet, the father of Prince William and Harry did not discuss his anxieties with anybody. Whenever his close friends tried to talk to him, he ignored them. He could not imagine the pain, the humiliation, the headlines and the castigation of pulling out the marriage with Diana.

"But in retrospect, it would have been infinitely less painful and less damaging to everyone involved, including the monarchy, than going through with a wedding that he knew was a mistake. At the very least he should have discussed it," Junor writes.

The royal biographer also said Prince Charles had to think about both the constitutional side and the private side of his life while making any decision about Princess Diana. According to her, the Prince of Wales had to do it all alone because he was not willing to discuss his problems with anybody, reported Daily Express.

Princes Diana and Prince Charles

Prince Charles was alone and had no one to talk with

"Why did Charles allow himself to make what, but the time he walked up the aisle, he knew was the wrong decision? He took advice before he proposed, but once he had asked Diana to marry him, the subject was no longer open for discussion. [Friends] tackled the Prince onseveral occasions but were firmly told to mind their own business. None of them had the influence that Mountbatten had had," the royal author continued.

She further added that Charles had understood that Diana was the wrong person to get married. He was still consumed by grief after the death of Lord Mountbatten and was lost, without any guidance.

The author claimed he could not talk to his father as he had never been able to do that. Junor went on to say that if Charles had discussed with his father then this marriage would not have happened.