Finally Apple allows users to delete Siri recordings in their iPhone devices

But the tech giant retains the right to hear those recordings which users allow, so its employees can hear and improve Siri features

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Earlier, tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook hired human contractors to listen to the leaked private recordings and evaluate them to improve the performance and privacy of the device, which was not informed to the users before by any of the above-listed companies. This secrecy from tech giants ignited furore and security issues, leading to privacy concerns to all the trustworthy users who are using the specific devices (Alexa, Siri) with a trust that their data remains safe in between the four walls of the room.

Finally, Apple acknowledged and said, "We believe privacy is a fundamental human right" and said the Siri's recordings will be erased and stopped all the human contractors hired to listen to the recordings. Though a belated move, the tech giant said it would allow users to delete the Siri's recordings too. Also, users who installed or installing the iOS 13.2 version on their device have the option to opt-in or out to store their voice recordings, which allows Apple to listen and grade accordingly to improve Siri's performance.

Now, with the latest update from Apple allow users to delete all their saved or stored recordings from Siri. The company said that, before restarting the Siri grading program, these changes are made first, which according to Apple's newsroom post, include:

-- By default, the company will no longer retain audio recordings of Siri interactions. They decided to use computer-generated transcripts to improve the functionality of Siri. Users who want to opt-in to the Siri grading program can send their sample requests for evaluation and improvement of Siri.

Apple Siri
Apple Siri Reuters

On the other side, the company believes that people will aid Siri to perform well. For that, they'll come forward to share their sample requests, as Apple's definition of data privacy is at the top of the list. Well, you can opt-out whenever you want to. Finally, only the Apple company employees will listen to the recordings and no one else is allowed to listen to it.

However, it is suggested that, when it comes to privacy of the users', tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple need to inform with a prior notification about the actions and changes they are making to their products and devices ranging from data sharing or new updates or changes made. This leads to transparency of information and communication between the company and users.

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